Simon October 2021

All Dogs Go to Heaven

It’s been over a year since Simon went to Heaven when we had to put him down. We are profoundly grateful that the cancer didn’t take him but inevitably, it was the ravages of time. My vet was astonished that Simon was still in remission from the bone cancer he had been diagnosed with at just over ten years of age. Simon was a few weeks shy of thirteen years old when we had to make the decision to put him down. Like most German Shepherds, Simon had hip dysplasia and had reached the point in his life where he could no longer walk.

I remember the day we loaded him in the car to take him to the vet. Simon never much cared for walks, riding in the car was his thing. I remember pulling out of the driveway and Simon barking at the neighbors as we were leaving, all the while as happy as he could be, not knowing what we were about to do. It is a hard thing to do, but we must remember that God gave Adam dominion over all the animals, and that included caring for them as well. It’s what He wants us to do.

Closure is Difficult

My wife has made many false starts at updating this part of Simon’s story and ends up in a puddle of tears every time, unable to finish it. When our loved ones leave our lives, we all need closure; some of us just take a little longer to get there. We will never forget our Simon and he will always be in our hearts.

Save a Life

I am glad I listened to my wife and did not wait to adopt another dog. The shelters where we live are at full capacity. These dogs need your love and kindness, so please consider adopting.

We adopted two dogs shortly after we put Simon down. Their names are Noah and Hans. They are a bonded male pair that came from the same whelp. A mixed breed of Anatolian Shepherd and who knows what else. I think there is some Yak mixed in there, as in mani”yaks”! They were just over a year old when we got them and full of puppy energy. My backyard is completely destroyed! I am glad we got them right away as it helped with the pain of losing Simon.

All Glory to God!

I believe in God and that He came to us in the flesh as Jesus Christ and shed His blood for us on the cross and rose on the third day defeating death for everyone. All those who believe in their hearts what He did will have eternal life. I know God loves every single thing He created; my Simon included. I will see Simon again in Heaven. It was no coincidence that Jesus led me to everything it took to cure Simon of cancer. I hope this will help many and my biggest hope is that people will find and trust in Jesus.

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