Choosing the Correct Fenbendazole and Test Results

The choice of which Fenbendazole makes all the difference in a successful treatment.

I intended to update this blog with my test results in March 2024 after I had my CT scan. I chose to delay posting to figure out what the problem was and take the opportunity to correct it to see if my theory was correct and it was. It was the Fenbendazole that I was using. I didn’t use the Merck SafeGuard that I had previously successfully treated my dog Simon’s osteosarcoma with. More on this later in this post.

I had a CT scan with contrast on March 20, 2024. To my surprise, the cancer had metastasized to my liver and lungs. I had three tumors. One in my liver is 2.2×2.1cm, one in my right lung is 2.0×2.1cm and one in my left lung is 0.5×0.9cm.

I also had a soft tissue nodule in the left lobe of my thyroid 2.0×2.1cm. The thyroid nodule was unchanged from the previous CT scans I had in April and Sept. 2023 that showed no metastasized cancer in my body. I did have an ultrasound of my thyroid. The results were that I had 7 spongiform cysts. This can happen in a person my age and the doctor said there was no suspicious nodule to biopsy.

I sought the advice of a new oncologist after receiving the new CT scan on March 20th, 2024. We discussed getting an MRI for treatment evaluation. I was to have an MRI with contrast on my lower and upper body on May 20th, 2024. My insurance denied the upper MRI. I proceeded with the lower MRI which would cover my liver, spleen kidneys, and bowels.

The report stated, “MRI images are limited due to excessive motion artifact”. I did not get an accurate evaluation. I was told there was one tumor in my liver and that it was 3.2x4cm. In the previous CT scan 2 months prior, the tumor was 2.2×2.5cm. There was no other indication of cancer than the tumor. I am an optimist so; I was happy that the cancer had not spread and considered that the tumor size was most likely due to the “excessive motion artifact.”

My new oncologist suggested I see the radiation oncologist to discuss radiation treatment before starting any chemo. The appointment was scheduled and at the appointment, I asked the oncologist for a CT/PET scan before any treatment so we would know exactly what we were dealing with. He agreed and I had a CT/PET scan on June 12, 2024. I will share the results later in this post.

The moment I found out the results from the March 20th, 2024 CT scan I immediately switched my Fenbendazole to the one that was used to cure my dog Simon of bone cancer. I thought the “FenBen Labs” pure Fenbendazole would be a better choice for me. I WAS WRONG!

Another part of the problem was I did not strictly follow the protocol set forth that worked on Simon. When I ran out of CBD oil, I did not order any more. I was lax with the Golden Paste Turmeric as well. I was sure that taking 440mg of the FenBen Labs Fenbendazole would be enough to stop any cancer cells from proliferating. 

My reasoning as to why the FenBen Labs Fenbendazole did not work was that it was pure and had no agent to provide absorption. Fenbendazole is poorly absorbed. I investigated the Merck Labs Fenbendazole and discovered that the Panacur C for dogs was 22.5% Fenbendazole so I figured they must use something to help with absorption included in the other ingredients of the drug.

The Fenbendazole for Goats is 10% Fenbendazole. During my time trying to figure all of this out, I listened to an interview with Joe Tippens (from whom I originally got the protocol). In the interview, Joe said not to use any Fenbendazole that did not come from Merck Labs. At the very minimum, I should have taken 500mg of Fenbendazole, 50mg of CBD oil, and 15 tsp of Golden Paste Turmeric daily.

I have a nephew who is a retired Marine Colonel. I called him to see how his mother was doing as she had cancer and was treated with chemo and radiation. I expressed my concerns about doing the same to my body. His comment was “You can carpet bomb the cancer or do nothing and die.”

I agree with him except I would not “carpet Bomb” my body with toxic chemicals, instead, I chose to use a treatment that would not harm my body, so I opted to “carpet bomb” using safer methods.

After the March 20th diagnosis I immediately started my “carpet bombing” treatment. In short, I am using colloidal silver, Fenbendazole, CBD and CBG oil, Golden Paste Turmeric, Low Dose Naltrexone, Ivermectin, supplements like Alpha Lipoic Acid, Berberine, Vitamin E Succinate, Quercetin, Liposomal Artemisinin, a radical change in my diet. I cut out ALL SUGAR, went on an extremely low-carb diet, and cycling 10 to 12 miles daily.

When I went to see the radiation oncologist, I asked him what I could expect as to what drugs would be used in chemotherapy. He wrote down a list of five different chemo drugs as well as radiation.

It seems that no one drug or treatment method would work to kill the cancer. Statistically, a man of my age with stage 4 metastasized colon cancer has a 13% chance of living 5 years from diagnosis.

That being said, I have chosen several different methods of killing this cancer. Most of these methods are effective in and of themselves.

1. Colloidal silver:

2. Fenbendazole, Vitamin E succinate CBD and CBG oil, Curcumin in Turmeric Golden Paste:

(CBD oil)

3. Ivermectin:

4. Low Dose Naltrexone:

5. Alpha Lipoic Acid combined with Low Dose Naltrexone:

6. Ketogenic diet:

On June 12th, 2024 I had a CT/PET scan with contrast. CT/PET scans will show cancer that is anywhere in your body and are considered the best possible scan available. My scan was complete head to mid-thigh.

The results are that the tumors in my lungs are gone!

There is still a tumor in my liver, but the radiologist failed to size the tumor so I’m in the dark as to whether the tumor has shrunk. I will get the size of the tumor hopefully next week. As soon as I do, I will update this blog post.

My thyroid left lobe did light up, but it is likely just the spongiform cysts so It should be benign (not cancerous.) There is no other cancer in my body. I had read that once you metastasize to your liver and lungs, the cancer spreads very quickly. It appears my protocol is working.

Thank you, Jesus, for showing me the way!

I am not afraid of dying. The reason I’m not afraid of dying is because I know where I’m going when I die. Do you know where you are going when you die?

We are all eternal beings and we will spend eternity in either Heaven or Hell. It’s your choice. Don’t wait another second to make the most important decision ever make.

Colloidal Silver 20ppm – 4 oz once daily in the morning.

Low Dose Naltrexone 4mg 1X daily (taken before bedtime with CBD & CBG oil)

CBD Oil – 50mg before sleep

CBG Oil – 50mg before sleep

Ivermectin 36mg (5 days in a row then 2 days off)

Fenbendazole 500mg 2X daily

Golden Paste Turmeric 5 tsp. 3X daily (3000+ mg total daily of curcumin, Lakadong turmeric is being used as it has 2 to 3 times the amount of curcumin)

Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg

Berberine 500mg 3x per day

Vitamin E succinate 536mg per day

CoQ10 100mg

Quercetin 500mg

Zinc 50mg

Ashwagandha 300mg before bedtime

L-Theanine 100mg (this is in the Ashwagandha I’m taking)

Omega 3 fish oil 2000mg

Vitamin D3 5000IU

Vitamin K2 200mcg (this is in the vitamin D3 I’m taking)

Vitamin C 1000mg

Vitamin B complex 100% RDA

French Maritime Pine Bark Extract 400mg

Niacin 50mg

Milk Thistle Extract 250 mg 1 x daily (the brand I take says it is equal to 1000 mg)

Artemisinin – Liposomal 800 mg 1 x daily

* Onco Adjunct Pathway 2 and 3 – See the update about my supplements below.

Broccoli microgreens – 30 gm (I grow my own)

Low carb, lower protein, very little dairy (only A2 milk and butter), fats are from avocado oil and cold pressed organic olive oil, organic cruciferous vegetables, no potatoes, legumes or grains that cause inflammation, no processed or pre-packaged food. No sugar.

Update about my diet!

I just started a carnivore diet on June 6th, 2024. I learned of the health benefits of a carnivore diet from Dr. Ken Berry on YouTube.

Update about my supplements!

*I use Onco Adjunct Pathway 2 and Pathway 3. Pathway 2 has 100% absorbable curcumin complex, quercetin complex, and frankincense. Pathway 3 has 100% absorbable berberine. These supplements replaced some of the supplements above.

I began monitoring my glucose and ketones. I am trying to keep my glucose low and my ketones high so I will be in a state of ketosis. Cancer cannot feed off ketones. I use the Keto Mojo brand – glucose / keto monitor to monitor my glucose and ketone values. This total value is called a GKI, short for glucose/ketone index. I learned about the importance of this from Professor Thomas N. Seyfried on YouTube.

What feeds cancer? Glucose (Fenbendazole blocks this) and Glutamine (Berberine blocks this)

Low dose Naltrexone – All Day Chemist

I make my own by cutting up one 50mg tablet into quarters and then dissolving it in 50 cc of distilled water. I shake well until dissolved. Using a syringe without the needle (I buy at Tractor Supply) each 1ml = 1cc which is 1mg of Naltrexone. I store the finished product in the refrigerator.

I started small at first to get my body used to it. I had some vivid dreams and restless sleep at first, but this went away, especially when I started taking my CBD and CBG oil when I take my Naltrexone before bedtime.

It turns out that CBD and Naltrexone have a great synergy in fighting cancer when taken together. I learned about this in a Pub Med research paper.

I had to acclimate my body to the Low Dose Naltrexone by following this regime: 1mg for 2 weeks then 2mg for 2 weeks then 3mg for 1 week then 4mg after that.

I am glad I quit drinking and don’t take any narcotics as I would not be able to take Low Dose Naltrexone, in fact, I read that I would have to be two weeks clear of alcohol and narcotics before starting the Low Dose Naltrexone. I take Low Dose Naltrexone because it is a cancer fighter and will boost my immune system.

My wife has MS and has been taking Low Dose Naltrexone since 2012. It has been a Godsend in the treatment of her MS. Here is where I learned of Naltrexone and the many maladies it treats.

CBD Oil and CBG Oil – Lazarus Naturals

Fenbendazole – Tractor Supply. I use Safe-guard dewormer for goats 10% – 1ml =100mg of Fenbendazole. I take 5ml (500mg) 2x a day for a total of 1000mg per day.

Ivermectin Tractor Supply. I use Agri-Mectin 1% injectable for cattle and swine. I take it orally, as I don’t need to inject it, and still receive the same benefits. I mix it with water and drink it. 1ml = 10mg of ivermectin. I take 3.6ml to get 36mg of Ivermectin.

I buy the syringes I need at Tractor Supply as well. I use a small 3ml syringe with a needle to get the Ivermectin out of the bottle and some 6ml syringes without the needles for dosing the Fenbendazole. I really like Tractor Supply as their employees are very friendly and helpful, they even price match for me!

Lakadong Turmeric powder –  I use the Go Yogik brand which I buy on Amazon. To make the Golden Paste Tumeric, I mix ½ cup turmeric powder with 1-1/2 cups water and heat on the stove stirring until it makes a paste. I then turn off the heat and add 1-1/2 tsp of black pepper and ¼ cup of MCT oil.

I mix the oil in slowly as it’s difficult to get the oil to combine. I also add a little fresh ginger and 1 tablespoon of organic Ceylon cinnamon. I buy my MCT oil at Costco as they have the best price!

This is my protocol. I am not a medical doctor and I am not advising anyone on how to treat their cancer. This is just chronicling my journey. My best advice for you is to accept Jesus’ free gift. If you want to know how to do that, watch this short video:

I should have the results of the size of the tumor in my liver the week of 6/17/2024 and will update this post when I know.

Thank you for following my journey.

God bless you,