Colloidal Silver

How to Make Colloidal Silver for Just Pennies Per Quart – So Easy!

You can make your own Colloidal Silver generator. It’s not too expensive and it’s easy to do. The benefits of Colloidal Silver are amazing and you’ll find its many uses beneficial to you, your pets, and your garden plants.

Here’s What You Will Need:

  • 2 silver rods. Use only 9999 pure silver and not 999. I purchased the 9999 Pure Silver Flat Wire Band 10 Gauge – 2-6” Pieces. Do not use anything other than the pure silver rods, no silverware, silver jewelry, silver coins, etc. as they will all have impurities in them that you would not want in your body.
  • 1 AC/DC adapter 24volt 0.5 amp. This supplies the proper electric current to the silver rods to make the silver at the PPM per the time in the chart I will send you a link to. Here is the DC Power Supply I purchased.  If this is not available, just purchase one with the same specs (24 volts 0.5 amp)
  • 1 Aquarium Air Pump. This will accomplish 2 things; it keeps the water agitated while making the silver and puts oxygen into the water to make the extremely small nanoparticles (1 to 2 nanometers) to make ionic silver. Ionic silver is the most effective way to kill viruses and bacteria.
  • A 1 Quart  wide mouth Mason  jar ( do not make or store the solution in anything but glass)
  • A plastic cap, not metal, as you are running an electrical current through the rods. I used a Talenti gelato ice cream top and it fits nicely over a wide mouth Mason jar, just whatever plastic top you can find so you don’t electrocute yourself.
  • 2 wired alligator clips. I purchased these at Autozone. They came in a 2-pack of black and red and I just cut them in half and stripped the wire and attached them to the adapter.
  • 1 – Hanna Instruments PWT Conductivity Tester model HI98308 This will measure the ionic parts per million in the Colloidal Silver you are making. Use this to measure the ppm in your distilled water as well. You will get 0.2 to 0.8 ppm in distilled water. Subtract whatever figure you get from the distilled water from your finished solution to get the final ionic ppm. Check your solution at 3 hours, but most likely you will need to run the generator 3 hours to get the 10 ppm of ionic silver you are looking for. This will be sufficient to kill any bacteria or virus as the size oy the silver ions are 1 to 2 nanometers or smaller and is way more effective than the larger particle solutions being sold at retail.  Direct from Hanna is the best price I could find. Be sure and purchase 84 conductivity reagent solution to calibrate the meter. I spoke with the tech department and was told that even though the meter comes calibrated you should re-calibrate at your location for accuracy. The calibration reagent solution is at the bottom of the page on the Hanna Instruments website.

When you get your silver rods be sure to boil them in water for at least 3 minutes to sterilize them. When you make a batch of silver you will notice that the rod attached to the negative terminal gets a buildup oxidized silver. This is normal and when you are finished there will be oxidized silver floating in the water, just let it settle to the bottom. You can take some coffee filters and filter it out, but it’s not necessary.

I have attached some pictures of what I built to make the silver. If you can’t tell how I drilled the top, the spacing for the rods is about an inch and a half. The inch and a half is perfect for production.

Production Times:

Using a quart Mason jar with the above-mentioned techniques it takes about three hours to make a 10 ppm solution of ionic silver. As you pass the three-hour mark the solution becomes much stronger at a faster rate. This is from my personal experience and testing using a Hanna PWT meter. Since you will be making 1-2-nano meter particles the 10 PPM is strong enough for killing bacteria and viruses and you will not need the solution any stronger than this.

Too much of a good thing can be harmful.  There are people selling 100 ppm to 500 ppm Colloidal Silver online, but the particle size up 50 times larger and is not ionic so your body has to break down the larger silver particles before it is of any use. There is a great explanation at the, the 2nd link I provided below.


It is recommended that you follow the E.P.A.’s guidelines in this report:  Colloidal Silver Safe Dosage report This is very important and I can’t stress this enough! One of the reports I’ve included is about a man who used homemade Colloidal Silver to cure his cancer. This man was drinking 4 ounces a day at the strength listed below. The man used three 9-volt batteries, but there is no mention of any water agitation thus the larger silver particles.  

The oncologist at UT Southwestern in Dallas measured the particle size of the silver used to cure his cancer between 9-12 nanometers. If you follow my recommendation and use an air bubbler in the process, you will be making nanosilver at approximately 1 nanometer. Theoretically, the solution you make will be 10 times stronger!  Using an air bubbler will make the solution stable for long-term storage.


It is important that you store the finished product in a dark place away from sunlight, as it will reduce the efficacy over time. If you like you can purchase light-blocking Mason jars.  

General Information:

The following are some links about Colloidal Silver. This is the link that I got the information to build the Colloidal Silver generator I’m using, as well as the production times to make the known PPM of silver. I had to run my generator longer than what this person suggested. Do purchase and use the Hanna meter so you are not guessing at the final ppm of your solution. 

This link is to the FAQ production  There is a lot of good information about uses and cures as well and this site probably has the most links and information about the uses and clinical studies done on Colloidal Silver. His data is solid and will disprove the way overpriced, “You can’t make this at home” Colloidal Silver sites on the internet. Don’t buy into their lies!

Clinical Studies:

Here is a link to clinical studies.

Here is a link to a clinical study where a man cured his cancer with homemade Colloidal Silver.


I have spent a lot of time researching Colloidal Silver and one thing for sure is there is a lot of misinformation out there, from people who sell the overpriced Colloidal Silver to the government and news media trying to cover up the benefits of it. The one thing I can be sure of is how well it’s worked in real-life applications. My wife, Dorothy had pneumonia and it was cured in just four days with only three treatments (one each day) in a nebulizer.

BE CAREFUL WITH THE NEBULIZER, AS YOU WILL BE GETTING FULL STRENGTH IMMEDIATELY INTO YOUR BLOODSTREAM! Don’t overdo the silver as too much of anything, including water can be harmful.  She has also had problems with ulcers and took just 1 once and her pain was gone within hours.