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Update to: Curing My Dog’s Cancer

Protocol Changes

The original post can be found here: Curing My Dog’s Cancer.

It’s been five months since Simon started his treatment. During his treatment, the protocol was changed slightly. One of the changes that were made was the addition of Vitamin E Succinate. This white paper, details how vitamin E Succinate was used in the study. I did a little research on this form of vitamin E and found that this is the type of E that oncologists recommend to their cancer patients. The cost is more than that of other forms of vitamin E, but it’s the strongest vitamin E available. Simon’s original vitamin E was reduced to just one capsule and I added two capsules of the E Succinate to his morning meal. This capsule of vitamin E is in powder form, so I just opened the capsules and added the powder to his breakfast.

Another change made was the type of Fenbendazole. I started using Safe-guard dewormer for goats as it is more economical. It comes in a 125 ml bottle and is in a liquid suspension. The cost is about $25.00 per bottle. The strength is 10% in 100 mg/ml. One milliliter is the same volume as 1cc. To give Simon his dose of 250 milligrams of Fenbendazole daily I fill a 3cc syringe to the 2.5cc mark. Given at this rate, you will have 50 doses for $25.00 or about .50¢ per dose. This stuff has a nasty bitter taste, so I mix it in some yogurt and he loves it! We purchase the Fenbendazole and the syringe at Tractor Supply.

Fenbendazole Safe-Guard for Goats

I use homemade yogurt that I make using Braums A2 milk. I will write a post later on how to make this yogurt, as it is super easy to make and tastes fantastic! The fat content in the yogurt also aids in the absorption of the Fenbendazole. By the way, the equine dewormer I was giving Simon was apple/cinnamon flavored and quite tasty, so if money isn’t a concern you can always use the equine form of Fenbendazole.

I Know the Heartache

As of today, May 10th, 2020, from everything I’ve read about osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in dogs, it seems to be a death sentence even with surgery and chemotherapy. It just doesn’t make sense to me why anyone that is told you are going to die even with chemo treatment would pay someone an exorbitant amount of money to kill themselves. Please don’t rail on me about this as I am entitled to my opinion and know the heartache and the devastation and fear that the disease of cancer causes.

There have been many in my family treated for cancer. I watched my mother die of cancer while my nephew was being treated for osteosarcoma in a hospital just blocks away. Thank God Matthew was able to make it through his treatment and is doing well to this day. Something that is still in my memory is the visual of the bag that collected my mom’s urine. I watched as it filled up with what was most likely her kidneys that had been melted from the drugs she was given. I wish I would have known about the safe alternative treatments for cancer back then. It could have saved a lot of heartaches, but God has a time on this Earth for all of us.  

Simon backyard May 10, 2020. Cancer free.
Simon 5-10-20 “Looking good!”

Prognosis: Cancer Cured!

By all rights, Simon should be dead by now. On April 6th, 2020 we took Simon to the vet for a checkup. The vet could not believe he was still alive and showed no signs of cancer. We asked the vet to do a full blood panel. This is by no means a sure way to check for cancer as that would require a PET scan, but Simon’s condition speaks for itself! During the period of his vet visit the country was in lockdown because of the Coronavirus, so we were not allowed in the vet’s office. I wish I could have seen the look on her face! When Simon’s blood panel came back the vet said it was perfect! I breathed a huge sigh of relief because, if he still had cancer his white blood cells would be elevated.

Also of note, I started giving Simon colloidal silver and there was no indication of any buildup of silver or Fenbendazole in his system. As many months as Simon has been on Fenbendazole daily, there was always a little concern in the back of my mind that there may be some toxicity buildup. I had read a report of just how safe Fenbendazole is, this just confirmed how safe it is. I will add a post about how to make your own colloidal silver for just pennies per quart. This stuff is amazing!

Continuing Care

Beginning May 1st, 2020, Simon’s protocol was changed to three days on Fenbendazole and four days off. He still gets all of his vitamins and CBD oil daily. We will continue this treatment for the rest of is life. If there are any significant changes, I will add another post.


Back in August of 2019, the oncologist gave Simon three to four months to live. It is now May 10th, 2020, and Simon is cured of cancer! Thank you, Lord Jesus!!!

I have a huge favor to ask of all who read this post. Please share this information with everyone you know as it may save a life.

Thank you for reading Simon’s story. Please see the updated post here: Simon’s Cancer Protocol Update 2

God bless you,

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